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Step 1: Setup your Template

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A few pointers

Personalised Fields
To add personalised fields to this design, type the name of the field in any text sections separated by curly brackets - for example {Title} {Forename} {Surname}.

For images, type the name of the field in the 'Image Name' box that appears when you select an image.

Our card size is 86mm x 54mm, which is the size of most credit cards. What you see on your screen is slightly larger for ease of creation.

Bleed Area

The red dotted line shows the bleed area - this area is cut off when the cards are produced. If you are using a background image or artwork, please make sure it goes outside of the dotted line.

This will ensure that your design goes right to the edge of the card when produced and there are no white borders when cut.

We recommend using images that are at least 1000 x 1000 pixels at 300dpi (if you are uploading a full background image or artwork). You can use smaller ones, but they may look pixelated when printed.

Holes & Slots

If you select a hole or a slot (from the drop down menu), please ensure that any important parts of your design (like text) don't run right up to the hole. Please leave a gap.

We always match colours as closely as possible, but what you see on your screen will always appear brighter than the printed version.

Additional Cards
Want to order additional cards in this design with different names or details? Simply choose 'Add this card and keep designing more' on the next page.

No Fake/Fraudulent ID's

We reserve the right to refuse an order if sufficient evidence of its legitimacy cannot be given.

For example we will not process any card orders which include official logos and certifications without evidence of their legitimacy - further evidence or permission will be requested.

Orders rejected due to insufficient evidence of legitimacy will not receive a refund.